Collette Paris: The store of the future

Walking into Collette, Paris' new mega boutique is like being warped into a zone of fun and style. Collette Paris' futuristic feel provides a safe haven for any and everyone ranging from the fashionista from New York City to the tech enthusiast from Oakland, California.

213 Rue Saint-Honore' serves as the home to this new mega boutique with items ranging in everything from clothes, shoes, CD's, jewelry, cosmetics, magazines, accessories and more. Collette's decor has a very minimalist vibe, filled with headless mannequins, bright lights and museum style glass cases to showcase the products, very unisex styled departments to attract both men and women and with white, silver and gray as the store's color palette, the customer can focus on whats most important, the merchandise.

Similar to many other high end stores, Collette Paris also houses an in house restaurant for patrons to relax and dine after a long day of shopping. An ambiance which makes you feel like you're dining in a very luxurious space-inspired capsule with white walls, silver and gray backdrops and bold blue chairs. Color choice very synonymous to the main parts of the store, this white, silver and gray combination seems to follow you no matter what part of the shopping mission you're on. After spending a day in Collete Paris, you're bound to have an experience out of this world.

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