Miami Crime Fighting meets Fashion
...and you thought your heels killed

German born Karl Lagerfeld (Virgo) and designer Laurence Decade came up with a fabulous mockery of the dilemma women face all around the world, the "My heels are killing my feet" syndrome. Well now... they're killing more than just your feet. Chanel's Miami Vice- Killer Heels are beyond anything you've ever seen before. Fellas, how would you feel if you saw a bad chic in the street wearing these killers? Would you hesitate to mack? Perhaps fall back? Myself.... if I had these in the collection I would wear these shoes TO SLEEP!!!!!!!! Any woman with these in her closet has the meanest shoe game known to man, literally. I feel a true man is inspired and encouraged by a woman's shoe collection... and with these on your feet a real man will be so inspired and encouraged by them he would have no choice but to lay down his bespoke blazer so you could walk over a puddle. I mean-it's only right.

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