FRESH Black Tea Face Serum - You get what you pay for...

A trip to the Grove to see my favorite customer service guru, Susan left me leaving the store with an excellent face serum and $100 bucks less than when I had arrived.  A couple of months back, Susan had given me a few samples of FRESH products to sample since I had purchased quite a few items, one of which was the Brown Sugar scrub that my boyfriend banned me from using. LOL Among those items were the Black Tea Age Delay face serum. Now I normally have oily skin, like fry chicken on my face oily and I hadn't been able to find an face moisturizer light enough to not add grease to the pot but still effective to make me not look like I had been dipped in flour. Once I tried the serum, I realized this was the only thing that I had found to work to moisturize my skin and not break my out. The issue was I didn't realize exactly how much it was. That's the love hate relationship I have with samples, they get you hooked for free but they don't last forever and you end up spending whatever the cost because you can't live without the product. SUUUUUUUUXXXXXXXXX

Anywho, I purchased the $80 bottle of face moisturizer and I must say I am very pleased with my purchase.  In the winter months you definitely need to keep your skin moisturized and I figure you only live once and can;t take your money with you with you pass on so why not... problem is I visited Nobody Jones in the same day and well I guess you can figure out the rest.

Overall, I am still very pleased with the serum and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a very lightweight yet powerful face moisturizer.

P.S. Amazon has it for $71.00

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