That Sweater at the MLK Jr. Dedication

Can we just take a moment to marvel over the simple but FABULOUS cardigan Mrs. Obama wore to the MLK Jr. Dedication in Washington D.C. this past weekend. President Obama and family took a tour on the mall before making his unforgettable speech addressing current affairs and how many things have and haven't no changed from 50 years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. worked tirelessly with others to create a long-lasting change for the under-served people in this country.

I understand the sentiment of this day, and I am very proud of the positive images that spread across the world of African Americans and our contributions and importance in the making, maintaining and the future of this country, but what I really understand is this magnificent cardigan! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

And to Dr. King, THANK YOU for all that you gave, sacrificed, fought for, endured, and changed. Your legacy is permanent in the lives of many and generations to come!


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