Pay Less to Party with Natural Hair

I first read about this on Clutch Mag, and after taking my browser over to the main source, I am very indifferent about what I read.

Money Grip (Joey Digital) an ATL-based event promoter apparently loathes weaves and extensions and has finally discovered the perfect platform to reward AND punish women who have both natural hair as well as faux additions to the scalp. And I quote:

Over the years, I’ve professed my utter disdain for weave, and love for natural hair (see: Anti-Weave List). And now I’m putting my money where my mouth is: giving $10 off tickets to my Atlanta Classic Post-Game Affair (Sat 9/24), and $5-$10 discounts to my FAMU Homecoming event introducing NUVO Lemon Sorbet (Fri 10/7) and The Art of Celebration (Sat 10/8). Heck, I just might give them invitations to the private Crown Royal Black “Crown Life Lounge” on the Thursday ofFAMU’s Homecoming.

All women with natural hair simply have to do is use the code “natural” when purchasing tickets using the links below:

Now, I can understand for his liking of the real, I get it, HOWEVER, I don't see how that is justifiable to exclude and make women pay (who already pay big bucks) more because they have more on their heads. Most of the time when people see a chic with a weave the possibilities AND reasons as to WHY the woman HAS the weave are NEVER EVER EEEEVAEVAEVAEVAEVA taken into consideration. What if she just executed a major chop to her mane and decided she wants to grow it out but not look buddy-loco in the meantime? WHAT IF, chic got a perm and wants to grow the perm out by letting her hair rest and giving it a break from heat. Now I know there are females that livebydieby the weave and vow they will never live without it, and that's their parogative, Bobby Browb style, but forcing them to pay more to get into some average party may in-fact have a negative impact on your sales and indirectly cause a divide taking us right back to ..."Good and Bad Hair" School Daze Style.

Free Country, do what you may, but this is totally Turnt all the way down... not a fan!

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Joey Digital said...

I'm offended by the term "Money Grip"