O.P.I and the power of visuals

Most of us have all heard of O.P.I the nail polish brand, often seen in many high-end nail salons, advertisements and shops across the U.S.A. and if you're anything into nails you know this brand is worth the money of each bottle. And as I was previously a fan of such brand... my love for O.P.I is currently at an all time high due to this picture I received in an email. It came on a "mini-manicure" invitation. Of course I should have been excited about a free mini-manicure or ANYTHING free now-a-days; my focus went immediately to this image. My very good friend who is an up-and-coming graphic designer (hey Cellinaaasssssss) also had an appreciation for this pic - as I knew she would be the one person who would. Aesthetics do something for me and have the power to make anything look extremely sublime or just plain wack! O.P.I did a good job with this one. 2 snaps!

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