Rumor Boutique was robbed for TWO HOURS

Early Tuesday morning, February 17, Rumor Boutique on Ventura Boulevard was broken into and robbed.

Around 12:30am, two male suspects broke in through Rumor’s front door and embarked on a two hour raid, wiping the small store clean of upwards of $300,000 of merchandise. Exiting through the rear and escaping at 2:30am in a 1995-1997 white Chevy S10

Blazer, the perpetrators are believed to have staked out the property for hours before entering. Security tapes at Rumor’s entrance and stairway reveal details of the two burglars (see below). Dressed in hooded sweatshirts both men appear to be in their mid-to-late twenties. Investigators from the LAPD and Van Nuys Police Department are working together to identify and question the suspects.

Store and website owner Anooshka Zakarian is devastated by the loss and determined to catch these criminals. “We are working closely with detectives in hopes of finding the men who did this and starting over. After something like this happens, there is nothing to do but rebuild and nowhere to go but up.” Though her life has been flipped upside-down, Anooshka is not backing down. Rumor’s online boutique, www.shoprumor.com will remain up and running.

We are urging everyone to spread the word and keep their eyes open. Anyone with information, please come forward and contact your local PD. This is a plea for help.

I'm sorry but if it took them two hours to rob a SMALL BOUTIQUE, I have nothing but faith that they will be caught within the next week! Sad nonetheless!

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Natalie said...

Shit, this is terrible! I have a boutique myself and this would just be devasting, just devastating.