Twelve Fashion Fun Facts

How many of these did you know prior to this post?

1. The term 'beret' has Greek/Roman origin

2. Bermuda Shorts became popular during the 30's & 40's

3. The 3rd line of an A-line dress is the bottom hem

4. Designer Monolo Blahnik studied law & literature before he moved to Paris

5. Blazers were originally made of striped flannel at the turn of the 20th century

6. The 'boutique' started in the 1920's as small shops inside large couture houses

7. The 1st bra (brassiere) was patented in 1914 as 2 handkerchiefs and a narrow ribbon.

8. The synonym for the term bra is bust bodice

9. Christian Dior was a political science major who dropped out to study music

10. Corduroy stems from the French term- Corde du roi

11. CAD= Computer Assisted/Aided Design

12. Cashmere comes from a Kashmir goat

info via fashion design/designers dictionary

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