Christmas Eve with Michelle Obama on my mind

As the Astrologist/Fashion Journalist that I am, I feel it is only right for me to make my conclusions with Fashion and Zodiac frolicking hand in hand. As many of you may OR may NOT know, Michelle Obama is a Capricorn. And as my experience and research has guided me to a very important conclusion, I feel Michelle Obama is well on her way to becoming one of politics most fashionable women. It's not about spending thousands upon thousands of campaign money on labels (Palin) but it's about piecing together items, putting certain things in and keeping certain elements out. As stated in a previous post, I said Lebron James and Jackie-O are 2 of the most stylish people this nation has ever seen... and guess what... they're both Capricorns as is Kate Moss, Diane von Furstenberg and my Aunt Jessie. It's something about that Dec. 22 to Jan. 22nd that makes for a guru of simplistic style. Michelle, of course like many is not perfect as her choice of dress by Narciso Rodriguez proved that no one is perfect but we all make mistakes and I think we all forgive Michelle for her choice of dress. A beautiful dress for sure but such a dress was not flattering to her shape. 26 more days and Michelle will give everyone what they seem to be waiting for... within the fashion world at least.

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