"We are both [Kim & Andrea] in charge of searching for the clothes, the styling, finding appropriate models, make up and even photography (one can have the impression we are staying both behind the cam ;). The only slight difference is that Kim has worked as a stylist in Stockholm for the Stockholm fashion center so she is more professional in that matter and I have been working within photography for a few years (more art and "portraits" and not really in a professional way... it has been more experimental). The picking of the outfit... is hard to say. For that blazer... we fell in love with it because it fits so nicely (it's tailor made in Italy) so it was really a key piece... and then [we] just matched something to it... most of the time we figure out what style we want for a shooting first and then choose a few key items to start combining outfits. Where the pose came from... mhmm in that shooting, it was our first, Kim was our model. She has a very particular way of posing.. sometimes it is like a doll... but very natural and unique. So she just does what she feels fits within the concept of the shooting or outfit... comes very natural. But we are very lucky there because she has a lot of experience as she used to be a model. In that shooting there were no complications... i think it was the easiest of all of them :) as it was our first ... it was more of an experiment and we had a very free and intuitive approach to it. We just wanted to be creative and try things out. We were really surprised by the outcome :D.... I think that was what motivated us to start the whole thing. We saw there was potential, a lot of fun to do and that we complemented each other perfectly."

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Thanks Kim & Andrea!

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