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Stitched together in Harmony

I couldn't help but notice after seeing Kanye West's new video entitled, Love Lockdown how similar it was to Louis Vuitton's Spring 2009 Ready-To-Wear collection. So similar its easy to mistaken some of the outfits in the video to be straight from off the runway in Paris. Of course, it shouldn't be much of a surprise since Mr. West and Mr. Jacobs (Marc- head designer of Louis Vuitton) work very closely together granted the exclusive Marc Jacobs Heart pin Kanye is sporting on his new album cover. This relationship combining the fashion and music world is great! These two share work space, creative ideas & a love for art- no matter the form. Where the inspiration came from? We can guess but probably will still be wrong for greats like these two men, the possibilities are endless but quite frankly with what has been produced... it really doesn't matter!

photos/video courtesy of style.com & youtube

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