Dr. Hauschka-- The Real Skin Remedy

Dr. Hauschka's Skin Line incorporates the earth's most rare, precious and potent ingredients with man's technology to create some of the best STUFF you will ever use on your face. Products include ingredients such as Algin, Aloe, Amber Powder, Burdock Extract and four additional pages of ingredients I'll leave for your research. Dr. Hauschka has been advertised by some of our most prominent stars such as Martha Stewart, Oprah and almost every fashion, skin, or beauty magazine at your neighborhood local news stand. Whatever process these products go through I will always support and embrace it until the end of time. The proof is in the pudding. When the creator of ANY product says, "If one day we understand the rhythms of nature, this will be natural science in its truest form", you can rest assure you are in good hands.

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