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I am so inspired by many of my friends who are making their mark in the world, who have guts, who show passion in what they do and who may serve as a role model or idol to those who are coming up after us. A friend from way back when FUBU was the deal, now photographer Ashley Sky Walker is one of those people. His shoots are full of life, depth and imagination sparks to last a lifetime. Below are a few questions I had for Ash (I feel I can call him that lol) since his embarking on his sharing his passion with the world to see.

Ashley Sky Walker kicks off StylEdit's Creative Collective Series... so to get with the getting, I hope you enjoy thoughts from the creative mind.

M > When did you first know you wanted to pursue photography?

A . I began photographing when I was in college [Howard University]. When surrounding myself with fashionable and creative people photography was where I fell in with all the stylist designers and models I knew.

M > Originally from LA, what brought you to live in NYC? 

A. I've always wanted to be in New York. When I was in high school [Fairfax High - woop woop] I used to love DKNY just because I felt it represented a place of interest for me. New York has always been where the magic of what I saw in magazines happened. 

M > What is your most memorable shoot / person to date? 

A. So far, my most memorable shoot is the one I did for Rolling Out Mag featuring Laz Alonzo.This shoot was just intense, new lighting techniques, lots of people on set, and even a car inside the studio...lol.  

M > What message do you want you photography to share with the world? 

A. My message is always beauty. In every picture I take I try to represent the beauty in either the situation, the person or just in general. 

M > Are there any charities or philanthropic endeavors you'd like to partner with in the future? 

A. Yes, Id like to participate in programs that teach young children the arts. Painting, photography, etc.. I have yet to actually participate in a program, but hope to do so soon, if not start my own. 

M > Who inspires you to create how you do? 

A. It's more of what inspires me as opposed to who. I am inspired by my surroundings, by the trash on the street and even the homeless man sleeping under a phone booth. And of course the typically beautiful things as well like naked models and great food! 

M > In 3 words, describe your individual fashion style? 

A. Unique / LA / random 

M > As the eye behind the vision, what does photography mean to you? How do you translate its power into something receivable by the audience? 

A. Photography is my art form, just as if I had a paint brush and a canvas. 

M > What event in history would you have like to have photographed? Why? 

A. Great question!.. I think I would have to say the period of the Civil Rights Movement when there were lots of protests, rallies and marches.

M > Any fave photography / visual based sites? 

A. Fuckingyoung.com and InstantElation.tumblr.com

M > Working on any campaigns or projects people should look out for?

A. Always look out for AMMO Magazine. We feature dope editorials and features on todays new and cool artist and musicians.

M > For aspiring photographers, what 3 things would you advise them to do or think about before they begin their journey? What 3 business savvy things would you advise them?

A.   1. Assist / Intern
      2. Do your research 
      3. Photography is a marathon, not a race, so have a steady pace and don't rush it.  

M > What other artistic forms do you enjoy? 

A. Painting, music and film

M > Are you "In" for 2012? (I'm In campaign for Barack Obama) If so, should viewers look out for visual narratives and coverage from Ashley SKY Walker during the upcoming year?

A. Possibly. Barack is/has made a huge mark on the world in many ways. I hope that he has a chance to continue to work through his vision for the US. I don't usually shoot political races but I would certainly consider it. 

Ashley Walker
Los Angeles / New York 

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