Zip Me Up Scotty...

...to the wonderful world of leggings. Leggings have always and I predict will forever serve as the most comfortable piece of clothing known to man, well maybe besides the birthday suit but that can get a big cold.

Nonetheless, leggings have started to take a turn for the GREAT and are now starting to come with buttons, drawstrings and zippers to these already comfortable, simple but chic outfit savers. Lindsay Lohan's, 6126 line of leggings has drawn attention to this very comfortable and now zesty twist on leggings as well as LnA, but of course you don't have to pay Lindsay Lohan, 6126 or LnA prices for a pair either. Forever 21 has some great leggings for a lot less money. They come with all types of buttons, prints, zippers, bells and whistles. I recently bought a blue and black pair with the zipper and can't wait to wear them with my $20 peep-toe black leather heels.

Being comfortable while looking good is priceless, and we all know, with leggings there's no way you can go wrong!

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