Gloria Swanson through the eyes of Edward Steichen

Every time I drive south on Fairfax Ave I see this same image (as above) posted on the side of the Art museum. I've always wondered who this woman was and her story. This picture is striking in SO many ways. From the lace covering, to her piercing eyes and her timidly intense look, this picture is definitely worth a thousand words. I found the woman is Gloria Swanson. An award winning American Actress who for lack of a better term got played out due to the transition from silent films towards what were known as "talkies." This particular picture however, was submitted to Vanity Fair by American (German born) photographer Edward Steichen. I also learned Steichen was a very talented photographer, painter & curator. Who knew a photo taken in 1924 when my Great Grandmother was only 9 years of age would reach a young women starting a career within the world of Fashion in 2008.

A picture is much more than just a picture, for it is the only way time is able to stand still!

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