Alex and her Swag-tastic Yellow Dress

Where did you get your dress? At this little boutique in Los Feliz on Vermont.
Was it a gift? Well I used money I got from someone so I guess it could be a gift LOL
How long have you had it? About 3 years
On what occasions do you wear it? I actually wore it on my B-day and to the club.
What shoes/accessories do you wear with it? My favorite Gold heels and my Gold hoops and draping necklace + bangles
Why is it your favorite piece of clothing? It fits my body perfectly and its my favorite color.
How does it make you feel when you wear it? SEXY!!
Any random facts you want to share about the dress? I definitely think it helps my swag! :)

Thanks Alex!

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Doris J. Diggs said...

So hot dresses it is! I love the yellow dress for women . So attractive and fashionable. I love all fashion dresses. And the stars choices. I love to see the stars fashionable dresses.Thank you very much for your post....