Junior Drake Sample Sale - Los Angeles

My Buddy Lois from LAAAWPPI invited me to the sample sale for a bag line called Junior Drake. I have never heard of Junior Drake until this week, but non-coincidentally I then heard about the line twice more in 2 days from 2 different people. So I decided to go and check it out. Very artistic and innovative designs, I found there was a wide range of women, which goes to show, fashion and beauty are a common thread through the estrogen-filled world.

So when Lois got there, she told me the story behind the lining inside the higher quality bags within the line. The line was founded by an African American couple. The mother of the woman was once a pin-up girl whose stage name was "Junior Drake." In wanting to preserve her essence and share her style with the world, a bag line titled Junior Drake was born for all to see. I thought it was very cool and was RIGHT up The StylEdit's alley with the background story... as EVERYTHING has a story and it was my mission when starting The StylEdit to tell the untold story of everything fashion.

Slogan - "Its not the bag, it's the Girl"

I enjoyed my short shopping and was greatly surprised when my buddy gifted me with an early birthday present. THANK YOU LOIS if you ever see this :)

My early birthday present from the best buddy in the world. A bright coral leather wallet (however, I will be using it as a clutch. It can fit my blackberry inside)

Check out Junior Drake... it's a very unique and innovative line. 5 stars for keeping the legacy alive.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brain storms. It has been fun to let it all hang out. This was a no-holds-barred mental jamboree that will be missed.
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Very nice , I shall try.. Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!
Sweet memories.

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